Arturo Álvarez
nº22 on Architonic´s Top 200 Designers

We create handmade unique lighting inspired by the nature that surrounds us and human being relationships

In 2014, this innovative material created by Arturo Álvarez was recognized in New York with a Best Of Year Award by the prestigious magazine Interior Design in the category of “Innovative translucent shading/lighting”. 14 of our collections are made of SIMETECH®.

arturo alvarez simetech handmande Gea wall lamp
arturo alvarez simetech handmande Cors wall lamp
arturo alvarez simetech handmande Kala wall lamp

We adapt our catalogue designs, making special lamps for interior lighting, according to architects’ or decorators’ projects. We customize colours, sizes and finishes to meet the requirements of different commercial lighting spaces

arturo alvarez Coral collection handmade pendant lamp