A part of the soul of arturo alvarez

[flv:http://www.arturo-alvarez.com/videos/CDC_2.flv http://www.arturo-alvarez.com/downloads/MC.jpg 580 326]

What do you sell?, spoiled handmade items.

Which techniques do you use?, We revalue, reinterpret and reinvent old craftsmanship and we bring it to the present in order the  humankind to remember its roots.

What are your values?, innovation, quality, sensitivity, to generate pleasant sensations in the viewer.

What do we want to show us with this video?, part of the soul of arturo alvarez …

What do you expect from us?, To see if you could discover a little bit the deep and rich universe of this brand … Let us know your opinion, we would love your contribution!

Video: María Caramés