Hand-made products, differences are a value not a defect

We have reached such a level of industrialization, globalization, where everything is similar,   that we are losing our objectivity and perspective on author products, hand -made products, whose value lies on the fact that even when we take the same reference, no two products are the same.


And what do I say that this is valuable? Because we are talking about small art works which are only distinguished by tiny details that make every object unique and unrepeatable.


Someone who owns a lamp by Arturo Alvarez, or any other author project, a hand-made one, can say that they have something that no one else has. A beautiful object, which is been looked after, with its own personality…


Industrialized products, all identical, have led many people to think that small irregularities of an object, not an industrial one, are manufacture defects. The invasion of clone identical products takes place in all levels of life, we get disturbed in such a way by this noise that we are heading little by little to a standardisation and robotization even of ideas.


We manufacture with our own hands contemporary lamps with materials developed, in many cases, by ourselves, we take them off their usual context, we sometimes mix them and then we put them at the service of original and different designs.


We want to contribute so that human beings do not forget who they are and where they come from, that they reinvent themselves, rediscover and create a new story full of ancestral knowledge, leaving the industrial processes aside. It is our philosophy and demand that we like to share with those who value and share it.

Nature examples of similar but not identical species, their little differences make them unique!




As usual, we would be delighted to know your opinion on this subject, thank you!