LE, a design with a mobile arm and led technology

[flv:http://www.arturo-alvarez.com/videos/LE.flv http://www.arturo-alvarez.com/downloads/LE.jpg 580 326]
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arturo alvarez has made a step forward and launched its first floor lamp of led technology with a great success and a warm public reception


There are a lot of written opinions about led technology, its advantages and doubts. We will keep two issues: ¿Do led offer a good light? ¿Are there warm light LEDs?

The answer is yes to both questions. Most people already know the benefits of this energy saving technology, and that all people point at it as the future for different fields of everyday life, for public and domestic uses.

For a punished planet by human beings hands, led is a necessary contribution to try to correct all the waste of resources, we see running out, every day.


Going back to our LE lamp, it is a simple but functional piece, starting from an original tripod, from which a mobile arm with Led light comes out. If you put it vertical, it gives us an indirect light that you can put on a corner, on areas that you want to light or next to a sofa. If you put the arm vertically it gives a desk or reading light that allow different positions to be regulated at the height you want.


Other no less important characteristic of these design, is that besides it is a beautiful architectonic piece, it almost occupies space. Visually it is subtle and easily to integrate with diverse atmospheres.

Please let us know your thoughts about our proposal and what is your opinion about LEDs.