Wall lamps that resemble a skin with a variety of textures

Wall Lamp | arturo alvarez

Gea, Kala, Cors and Tati are wall lamps with different forms and textures, pleasing both to the eye and the touch where originality is not incompatible with simplicity.

Arturo Álvarez creates a wall lamp collection with its star material, the silicone mesh, created in-house. These beautiful pieces highlight the infinite possibilities of a material with whom you can reach from incredible volumes to other s more subtle, going through a whole universe of different textures.

Wall Lamp Gea| arturo alvarez

Gea: Vertical and sinuous lines that give personality to a wall lamp that completes the whole collection, where the floor lamp GEA, an emblematic piece of the brand, is the leader.

Wall Lamp Kala | arturo alvarez

Kala: Discontinuous lines, an irregular volume of live and moving aspect that reminds us of the changing drawings of the sand in the great dunes.

Wall Lamp Cors | arturo alvarez

Cors: Women always present on the ideology of Arturo Álvarez, shrouded in sophistication and mystery. Curves that display all it splendor and allow to glimpse a luminous and beautiful body.

Wall Lamp Tati | arturo alvarez

Tati: A round form, with a texture woven around repeating circles that form a skin a shell. We look back to the symmetry of the recreated nature.

What do you think about these designs? Which is your favorite?

Silicone Lamps | arturo alvarez

Silicone Lamps | arturo alvarez