Miuu, haute couture made lamp starting with an ancestral technique

Miuu | arturo alvarezThis impressive lamp collection, which conceptual strength based on its shades made with fabric, wants to be a tribute to haute couture and traditional basket weaving

Even though it seems impossible Arturo Ávarez has united two things that at first sight seem impossible… or maybe not so much.

In haute couture everything is handcrafted, there are no machines but pamper and a huge experience behind.  In traditional basket weaving there are also no machines and it also require huge skills and high interest in making a quality and hard-wearing object.

MIUU unites the best of both worlds.  Starting from a metallic frame where the fabric is woven, makes a strong and beautiful shade in neutral colors, like white, black and grey, or vivid colors such as red, green and deep red.

The shades can be customized by combining two colors in order to meet the requirements of the decoration.

The metallic frames are white or black depending on the chosen shade color.

Miuu | Lámpara de Pie | arturo alvarez

The MIUU floor lamp is an arch that has the characteristic of turning 180º easily without any effort.  This piece is very suitable for lighting tables or sofas. Suits both residential and commercial uses; e.g., common areas of hotels.

Colección Miuu | Colgante

The pendant is available in two sizes which allow making different combinations with them or using them separately.

Miuu | Aplique | Lámpara de Pared

The wall and ceiling lamps show the weave with all it splendor, they have a slight undulation that emphasizes its voluptuousness and beauty, a very decorative piece for wall or ceiling.