arturo alvarez returns from Light and Building

[flv: 580 326]

Music: basematic

Show must go on.  Here is a video and some photos of the new 2012 designs launched by arturo alvarezarturo alvarez en Light & Building

Spline: pure geometry by A-cero, Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares Architects

Norr: wool, wood and serene Nordic beauty by Christina Liljenberg

Kite: kites on the sky…. and the walls by Arturo Álvarez

And the voluptuous and free-and-easy queen of the troupe, Tina: by Arturo Álvarez as well

Tina | Lámpara de diseño

Lámpara de techo | arturo-alvarez

Lámparas modernas | arturo alvarez

Lámpara colgante diseño | Tina