Arturo Álvarez was invited to exhibit his artwork at ICFF Gallery in New York, and his participation has drawn the attention of the public and the press. Renowned magazines Designboom and Surface have included Conversas in their highlights.

Designboom, the prestigious magazine focused on the best of design, architecture, art and technology, has published an article about Conversas which was also featured in their daily design newsletter.


Presented during NYCxDESIGN 2017, New York city’s official citywide celebration of design, Conversas comprises a series of stainless steel mesh shapes, which take on abstract, figurative forms. “As a small hanging light source is gently pushed nearby, a dramatic shadow takes shape against the surrounding surfaces, expanding and contracting the faces in billowing waves”, says the magazine.

Arturo Álvarez explained to Designboom that “expressions, gestures and glances emerge from the chilly looking shaped steel chain mail.” “A spirit –bare and straightforward- seems to gaze at us in some cases, while in others, it makes a face to hide the most intimate part of its being, or simply lays there with a confused look.”

Surface, the renowned American magazine of contemporary global design, has included Conversas among its editors’ favorite picks at ICFF.